"Cuban Contemporary is a hybrid of North American Modern technique, European ballet, African traditions and popular influences. It is a unique blend – like our nation itself. The long isolation and the political impact on culture lead to very creative forms of art, with dance as its major expression. We are masters of improvisation, using our bodies, all we have, to express ourselves. A strong emphasis lies on the technical skills, defined body lines and rhythmic complexity. Cuban Contemporary offers a lot to explore for every dancer!"
Yusimi Moya Rodriguez


With the contemporary dance company nada productions and the choreographers Amanda Piña and Daniel Zimmermann Yusimi Moya Rodriguez dances in the piece "Dance & Resistance, Endangered Human Movements Vol.2". See

Contact Yusimi Moya Rodriguez for professional dance workshops or find her teaching in Vienna at the Tumbao Dance School / Cubaila Viena / Salsa Nena / Salsa RYA / Ritmo Tropical

Read an interview with Yusimi Moya Rodriguez about the art of dancing published by the Spanish magazine Afrofeminas

Yusimi Moya Rodriguez