Find Yusimi Moya Rodriguez here demonstrating the Contemporary Cuban Dance Technique, contemporary choreographies and some traditional Afrocuban dances. Some videos are found footage posted by her students in Havana.


Choreography and dance for the exotistic baroque paintings at Garden Pavilion of Melk Abbey, 2014.

A class of Cuban contemporary dance technique, center work, floor work and total space exercises, 2013.

Various pieces in a show with Ebony Dance Company in Havana, 2012.

Dance for the African Yoruba-Deity, the Orisha Yemaya, accompanied by live Batá-drumming and Lukumí-singing, 2013.

Cuba Linda, a solo about the essence of Cuban Dance, 2014.

Adiós Felicidad, Duo with Maikel Pineda, 2012.

Show with Jesus "Nano" Hechavarria at Salsafestival Zürich, Switzerland, 2014.

Various afrocuban dances: Arará/Hebbioso, Vodú/Gagá, Congo/Palo and Lukumí/Guiro/Oyá, 2013.

Olókun, a modern piece of African folklore in Cuba, with the Conjunto Folklórico Nacional in a show in Madrid, 2008.

"Iba Orisha", different Yoruba dances from Cuban Santeria representing various deities called Orisha, 2014.

Salsa show with Ebony Dance Company in Havana, 2012.

Appearances as a dancer in the 45th anniversary show of the Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba, 2007.